The MindSage Elementary course is currently in closed beta.  If you are interested in becoming a beta or pilot school, please contact us.
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Generally, students in fourth and fifth grades are still naturally curious and have not yet developed or adopted negative attitudes and views towards learning, school, and adults.

The MindSage course for elementary students (currently 4th-5th grades) aims to develop positive attitudes towards learning, school and adults. In addition MindSage begins to help students become aware of their own thinking and thought patterns.

Students learn about the power of self sacrifice, being positive, and appreciative. They learn to view grades as a way to gauge how interested they are in a subject, rather than an evaluation of their intellect or performance.

Students are also taught to value variety and diversity, which will be the foundation on which future lessons related to team work and collaboration are built.
In addition students will be taught to view their thinking ability, their intelligence, as a muscle. They are taught that like any other muscle, engaging in mental training and exercise allows them to increase their ‘thinking power’.
Finally, we help students focus on their natural areas of interests, abilities and skills.  Through focusing on the above areas, MindSage not only helps students develop themselves academically, but as individuals and future contributors to a stronger society.


Foresight and Planning unit lesson videos:
Variety and Diversity unit lessons videos  (builds team and collaboration skills):

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