"In a 21st century learning model, learning extends beyond the classroom walls, and students are exchanging, discussing, questioning, reflecting and making connections anywhere, anytime."
- Zach Groshell, International Educator.

The world is changing.

This generation is different

Gen Alpha is on track to be the most transformative age group ever. Education needs to transform to meet their needs as well as the needs of future employers and emerging industries.

Both Generation Alpha (anyone born after 2010) and Gen Z, are hungry for transformational education that impacts their daily life.

What Are Student's Saying About Mindsage?

"MindSage was a quick and simple way to start a class discussion each morning. Lesson plans were very easy to follow and were written for students to easily understand... My class and I are loving it so far!" - Jordan Braschler, middle school teacher, HI

The type and focus of education required for students to be prepared to meet future challenges are much different than the factory-model educational system of the 19th century.

It is the goal at to prepare students to solve problems that have not yet arisen, in industries not yet identified, with technology not yet developed.

To accomplish this, more than just academic knowledge and cognitive learning are needed. MindSage helps students develop the mindsets, habits, traits and attitudes that will have the greatest impact and chance for success in the workplace and life.

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