Harnessing the Power of both
Business and Education.

"In my world I am trying to infuse 21st centry skill in post secondary academic programs...and what you have is a great and well done example."
- Carrie Doyle, At the time VP of Pearson Educational Emerging Models and Learning Teams

Who We Are

The Organization

MindSage.org is a 501 (c) 3 is a non-profit professional (soft skills) training organization. We provide low-cost (our lessons are provided to most schools at $1.25 per student per year) and no-cost professional work/life skills training at the hightest level. Our training is focused on and developed specifically for young people, youth organizations and government youth development programs.

We welcomes the participation, partnership and support with/of educators and business professionals, students and parents. We understand that only by listening to all of these voices can we create a program that students want to pursue and develops the skills employers need.

We regularly assemble focus groups to shape, improve and hone the MindSage program. We depend heavily on input from our primary stake holders, students and business owners, and greatly appreciate their financial support.

What Are Student's Saying About Mindsage?

The Program Director and Founder of MindSage, Todd Macadangdang has worked in the EdTech industry for 20 years. Having spent time working in corporate America, small businesses and startups, Todd is very aware of the lack of soft skills possessed by graduates as well as many already in today's workforce.

Todd initially developed MindSage as a soft skills program for his college interns. However, since many negative habits, mindsets and traits are developed well before reaching college (while still in middle school), Todd began to break down his course into age appropriate lessons for students in grades 4-12.

The hope was, and still is, to help students prevent or unlearn negative traits and habits, and build, as early as possible, the powerful skills, mindsets and habits student will need to succeed in the workplace and life.

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