MindSage is a powerful Life Competency course with lessons that span 4th through 12th grades. Our focus is on developing the whole child.

MindSage teaches corporate level employability skills in an age appropriate manner as well as  functional SEL skills and qualities, progressively over the course of nine years.
Rooted in the most up-to-date research (CASEL) and using a micro-learning and metacognitive approach, MindSage is an effective tool for improving student performance now, at the workplace and for life.
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Why Social and Emotional Learning and Employability Skills Should Be Prioritized in Education

CASEL and Committee for Children Host Congressional Briefing on SEL and Employability Skills.

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On Wed., Sept. 14, 2016, CASEL Board Chair Tim Shriver, Chief Knowledge Officer Roger Weissberg, and President/CEO Karen Niemi, along with leaders from Committee for Children, IBM, and the Chicago and Austin public schools, discussed the relationship of social and emotional learning and employability skills in a briefing with Congressional leaders.

What the group expressed is what business leaders have been lamenting for too long now.  Today’s graduate lack the soft skills to compete in the global job market.

MindSage equips students with the SEL and employability skills students need to succeed at work and in life.


Not every student will reach the same level of academic achievement while in school.

But with MindSage, every student can develop the employability skills that will make them productive, effective,  invaluable employees.
All students can be taught skills such as determination, flexibility, communication, innovation, and problem-solving, which will make them extremely valuable employees. No matter what they achieved academically in school.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein
To solve the problem of graduates entering the workforce without soft skills, we need to think differently.  

Developing the whole child means equipping them so they can make sense of experience and are able to develop capacities to act in and on the world (Caine and Caine, 2011).  

Functional SEL means providing students with solid employability skills that also benefit them immediately while in school.  The MindSage program provides skills that not only allows our children to become competent adults – but rather adults that are motivate and eager to contribute to the betterment of people and world around them.

If you believe that developing non-academic skills should be a focus of a complete education, we’d like to connect with you.